Signs and Wonders in Medjugorje, Bosnia

April 11, 2000

Hello Folks:

I love the feedback regarding adoration. A powerful happening I did not understand 5 years ago: I was away from the church for 30 years due to problems I had with life, one period of time I had a falling out with a priest in anger and later on when my son was born with cerberal palsy (29 yeas ago). I was bitter with God for giving me a crippled kid.

My wife bailed out when my son was 2 yrs old. Left me cold with a boy who even today cannot speak or walk and has to be changed. He still has his grand maul seizures and has to seatbelted in his wheelchair. I was not into God at all.

Well a friend at work named Tony, had just returned from a trip to Medjugorje for his first time. He took a photo of the Virgin Mary up on Cross Mountain while he was standing in the backyard of the visionary Vicka. He showed me the photo. I was overwhelmed with what I saw. I knew it was not a fake or something that was a fluke. It was real.

I was so moved at what I saw and from all of the info I read up on I got from my friend Tony who turned me on to Medjugorje. Well, the following year I went with my friend to Medjugorje and had the honor of staying at Vicka's home.

While I was there in the village, the rosary which I had taken for a friend to get it blessed turned golden color in the links of the rosary. I saw the sun spin around and to this very day I can stop, look at the sun, anytime, anywhere. And I have only one eye that has sight, and I am also color blind and I can look up and gaze at the sun for any period of time I choose without any injury to my eye. I told this to my eye doctor and he freaked. But its all true.

Also while I was staying at Vicka's home during her apparations the whole house had the fragrance of roses... I also helped a blind gentlemen climb up the apparation hill without ever falling down on the trail going up or coming down. You have to climb this hill to appreciate just how hard it is to climb.

I saw many wonderful things, indeed. But the true highlite was when I went to my very first adoration in St. James church in Medjugorje. Up until this time, anyone would have, as I, was overwhelmed on the graces and miracles that were given to me and to me only. But when I went inside that church and saw, for my very first time, adoration taken place. It just made my heart ache.

I know God is everywhere in our lives but I felt at that moment He was here in my presence. I broke down in tears... I couldn't stop. I finally figured out what happened to me. It was our Mother Mary who brought me back to Her Son. She does not want any attention focused on Her as She wants it focused on Her Son Jesus. She brought me back home to Her Son... Our Father... I was so moved by what took place I read up on its meaning and now I go to Mass everyday to receive the Host. This is the highlite of my day. Everything else is secondary.

The thing I found out also is that I am not alone. God does exist. God cares for each and every one of us. No matter how long we were away from Him and His family. He gave me a little gift like looking at the sun to show me something only God can give. Man, by rights, cannot look at the sun. Well I know many today who can and I found out you do not have to be in Medjugorje to receive this gift. I have helped 3 different folks receive this gift thru our Lord. They, today, can do this also. I showed them in front of our chruch right after the Mass was over with. Only God can do this for me.

I am just an instrument and a messenger now. I have been to Medjugorje now three times. Its like a mini-heaven to me. As time went on I learned now that my Son is my teacher and I learn from him, especially patience. I know now when I am in Mass and the priest lifts up the Host or wine. I bow down in humility. He is right there. I get all teary eyed during every Mass now. I finally understand what the purpose is. To have lunch with our Lord. To share some time with Him in His house. Not behind closed doors. He is out in the open for all to see and enjoy.

It's a good thing...

God bless you all.

Bruce Heitz